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Kerið crater and the Water-kelpie in South Iceland





Mt. Búrfell is a desk mountain with a water-filled crater. Icelandic folklore tells us that there’s a connection between Kerið volcanic crater and Mt. Búrfell.

The story goes {that a} water kelpie (nykur) lives within the lake in Mt. Búrfell. A water kelpie is described as being a gray horse with hoofs and its ears turning backward.

It tries to lure individuals into sitting on its again with the intention of dragging them into the abyss.

If individuals fall for its scheme the water kelpie runs in direction of both the lake within the crater of Mt. Búrfell or the crater in Kerið. It jumped into the lake and drowned the individuals. Why I do not know.

There are a number of such accounts in our folklore and I’ve heard of one other water kelpie in East Iceland. It lives in Nykurhylsfoss waterfall, which interprets into the Water kelpie falls.

I’ve additionally heard that it was a standard perception that Kerið was bottomless the water kelpie stayed for one yr within the lake at Mt. Búrfell and one yr in Kerið crater.






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