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Google … is RACIST! – Black Traveler

Okay, most individuals confuse what the phrase, “Racist” means. They suppose anybody could be … racist. However technically, no. Racism is a SYSTEM. You must have energy to be Racist. Sure anybody could be prejudice, delinquent, bigoted, and a number of different character issues, however in the event you don’t have cash, numbers, and a nazi-like police power to again it up, you’re caught with simply being a petty hater.

Not solely is that this an issue as a result of … effectively, your entire media is … racist, and this Social Engineering shapes how the world sees itself and others. Folks don’t notice it, however this sort of racism is a double edged razor blade that cuts deeply into folks on either side. The one motive why Racism isn’t within the DSM-5 (The Diagnostic and Statistical Guide of Psychological Problems) is that whites psychologically crippled by hatred, un-real fears, guilt, and disgrace, nonetheless suppose they profit from it… and effectively, sure they do. However the worth they pay shouldn’t be solely big, however disavowed.  

This younger brother humorously says all of it:



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