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A Era Intensely Working Towards It’s Finest Curiosity … – Black Traveler

“The place they sought to overcome, is a spot that doesn’t exist.”

Whereas a lot of the world is in a state of Agitated Despair, we will discover all manor of issues in charge… the music trade lulled us like pan and led us right into a grandiose period of a Narcissistic, “Kool-aid Cult of low consciousness the place we discover we’ve misplaced our inside sovereignty to a savage world purchased by a savage Capitalism.” ~ Sunyamurti

There are issues we will’t hear after we’re younger. Some folks should undergo issues that others don’t, to be taught what what’s wanted for them to develop to the following stage. I drank closely in my 20s and nobody may warn me of the ache that will deliver me. Why? As a result of the dysfunctional software of alcohol gave me a lot of what I wanted. It gave me braveness to speak to ladies, and in some way hid–solely from me–the elements of me that I felt disgrace and guilt about. It gave me extra assertiveness… a lot in order that generally the police have been known as. And surprisingly, research now present that individuals who drink closely, train extra. However like Winston Churchill as soon as stated, “Alcohol sport me all the pieces I needed it to, then dropped me decrease than the place I started.”

And now we’ve much more medicine than alcohol at our simple finger ideas. Fentanyl, Heroin, and Oxycodone, boring the ache of by no means discovering, “Man’s seek for That means, on this now feminine dominated tradition. Cocaine, Meth, and related “PARTY DRUGS” now do what well being care ought to do… present customers and abusers with anti-depressants that stop them from feeling outcast in their very own society now chocked stuffed with corruption. Ralph Nadar says banks cost as much as 350 charges and fees! And each time we click on, “I Agree” with a web-based App or web site, we quit much more of our freedoms. (Effectively, they’re mainly all gone with Shopper Rights are concerned.)

On the peak of The Nice Despair, 48% of American younger adults lived at dwelling with their mother and father. As we speak… 52% stay at dwelling with their mother and father. All addictions could be traced again to childhood trauma … however no life is ideal and EVERYONE has sexual issues, so it’s the accountability for the person to hunt therapy and remedy… regardless that “good” remedy in America is tough to seek out due the advanced nature for the therapist to carry the “Love Projection” that’s inevitable. In different phrases, not solely do People must change our parenting types, however we’ve an issue loving in any respect.

American thinker Ken Wilbur has his … “Quadrants”. When human improvement, he makes use of a scale of:


All the pieces is about “Me.” Consider an toddler. We will say that it’s an early stage of improvement that people are speculated to mature out of… until Nature / Nurture has crippled them with the affliction so widespread as we speak… Grandiose Malignant Narcissism. In a world that has misplaced its soul–its self of Togetherness, there isn’t any, “Oneness” … solely, “The Me.” (Selfie?)

“All the pieces is about my tribe … my Gang… my ETHNIC group”… my Tribe.
That is the Adolescent Stage of Improvement.(It’s one of many causes youngsters are recruited into militaries.)

Partly on account of trauma, partly on account of “Conventional” or Fundamentalist cultural values... many individuals by no means develop past this stage of improvement of the Ego. Ego is a HUGE perpetrator in preserving one caught in Second Stage Improvement.

Sometimes individuals are past age 33 and have kids or no less than a spouse or major companion. This stage equates with the Coronary heart Chakra.

“I care concerning the ENTIRE college district as a result of my youngster has to go there and it’s necessary that if his expertise is an efficient one, that the the standard be as excessive as attainable for each different youngster.”

At this stage, we’ve ascended to the Crown Chakra… the UNIVERSAL stage of seeing and viewing. Some don’t get there till they’re grandparents … however sadly, many by no means arrive.

By this stage we care about your entire planet… if for no motive then we understand that it’s our solely dwelling and if we’re to outlive, we should COOPERATE whereas in it. However how can we save ourselves from the sixth Degree of Extinction when most are emotionally caught within the First and Second Phases?

January 17, 2022

This yr was THE most indignant, hating Martin Luther King Jr. Vacation I’ve ever skilled. As a substitute of San Francisco, you’d have thought you have been in Alabama in 1968. I stay in an space full of younger Tech Millennials who march previous in chilly silence with inflexible animosity pouring off their aura like spikes above a barbwire fence. The realm is majority Asian. Latino, and white, however the occasional younger black one that strolls by It’s simply as or extra inflexible as in the event that they’re terrified that by talking to an older black man will ship sirens up and down the road that they too, are black. The identical outdated Internalized racism with totally different names and twist.

Millennials… Gen Z… and them butthole Gen Xers who cherished the 80s as a result of they actually loved spray portray ugly graffitti in every single place, utilizing “Nigger” each different phrase, and becoming a member of gangs that will find yourself killing extra (different) black folks than Klan members may dream of. Many people “outdated” Boomers tried, however the media does have 100 fold affect on younger folks than a damaged tribe … may dream of attaining.

“A folks with no heritage are simply persuaded.” ~ Karl Marx

By far, the issue just isn’t a “black downside”, neither is it a white, brown, yellow or pink situation. Like Marshall McLuhan coined, “The Medium is the Message” and for Millennials, Gen Z, and their mother and father Gen Xers, that Medium is the Web… and their telephones. You don’t develop the identical stage of humanity nor connection when the Social Engineers are pouring adrenaline and dopamine by you from the age of six or eight (everytime you bought your first cellphone or realized to tug up 4Chan. So folks act like Foucault stated the facility buildings situation them to behave… or react. It takes time and a whole lot of highs and lows in life for us to depart the values of adolescence and develop into the distinctive, built-in human being that contributes to his/her society and hopefully revitalizes it– somewhat than spend each waking second both in search of to seize narcissistic gratification, hedonism, or “bling” from it.

"Millennials, the "rising superpower" in America, counting roughly 80 million residents between the ages of 18 and 34, are nothing however spoiled, self-involved brats. Proper? To psychiatrist and contributor Dr. Keith Ablow, this additional proves that “we're elevating a technology of deluded narcissists.” For the Day by day Mail, it underscores a “rocketing sense of entitlement on U.S. campuses,” whereas The Huffington Submit concludes that U.S. faculty college students now "really feel tremendous particular about themselves.”

It’s the methods they appear to be at conflict … “outsiders,” (anybody remotely totally different from themselves) with tradition, and even with themselves that’s extra jolting. Simply offended, however extraordinarily able to “Cancel” somebody prefer it’s THEIR enterprise.



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