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A Constructive on this DARK Age – Black Traveler

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It was clear after the media refused to name the “rioters” who captured the U.S. Capital the “coup” try that it clearly was, that psychopathic criminals at the moment are in energy. We all the time new it… however at the least they’d tried to place a “Democratic” face on it earlier than. Then Republicans kicked out Rep. Liz Cheney as Home Republican Convention Chair. The daughter of the Darth Vader-ish former Vice President Dick Cheney who led People into eight years of an enormous conflict, pricey conflict—beneath false pretenses, apparently wasn’t shut sufficient to Hitler for the remainder of the Republican home to tolerate.

The nation–the world–continues to have a really feel of darkness that leads to a degree of un-stainability not even planet earth can include. Environmental disaster is on the horizon, company corruption is worldwide, Fundamentalist clergy lie brazenly, political corruption is in all places, and each household with somebody hooked on medicine and or alcohol. The variety of People on psych meds (or must be) is so excessive Psychological Well being Associations by no means report appropriate statistics … but mass shootings proceed to the purpose the place after San Jose VTA worker Samuel Cassidy went Postal on his job final week killing 10 earlier than killing himself, Gov. Newsome requested harshly, “What the hell is the matter with us?”

I used to be watching Russell Model interview David Lynch sum of out present age of darkness from a Vedic, historic view. Evil is contagious… and it’s noting new and it seems that we’re residing in one of the Evil intervals of historical past. There have been Darkish Ages earlier than… however the 1300’s have been primarily darkish for Europe. (Earlier than the African and Arab Moor’s established the primary universities on the European Continent.)

For these of us who’ve regarded presently with despair and hopelessness… there does seem like a way within the insanity and a possibility for us to develop on this time, as a substitute of sink like so many round us are doing.

The world is not ignorant. Possibly spiritually and psychologically ignorant… however not mental. In reality, expertise has far surpassed the techies who’re assigned the duties to dream up draconian concepts like Mind Wave controlling expertise designed by psychopaths like Elon Musk and others so devoid of feeling and immature they dream of controlling people remotely. These “scientist” are so socially/spiritually damaged they lust to invade even the minds of these they concern.. and everybody else. The Oligarchs like to trot out motion pictures that brag on what they’re doing earlier than the numbed out public are acutely aware of it.

So… we will assume they’ve already applied such applied sciences and have been utilizing them. Religious Well being is synonymous with Psychological Well being, and this can be a loopy, insane time the place the harvest solely seems to reap darker karma. The movies and hyperlinks above illustrate a number of of the fingers on the elephant or reasoning and rising confusion. But it surely’s all hypothesis. Framing it in a extra rational … survivable manner is to know what Buddhist filmmaker David Lynch talked about when he described The 4 Yugas.

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We dwell in time–and time lives inside us. (READ: “The Holy Science.“) Within the area of Relativity, every little thing has a life span—some actually brief, some very, very lengthy. Hinduism data historical past in cycles of Ages. Every cycle lasts for 4,320,000 years (12,000 divine years) and repeats 4 yugas (dharmic ages):

  • Satya Yuga,
  • Treta Yuga,
  • Dvapara Yuga,
  • and Kali Yuga.

We dwell within the 4th Yuga… the time frame when the event of people is at it’s LOWEST. Why we ask is there so MUCH Evil on this planet right now… and why does it appear to be the Karma of this evil will solely get WORSE?

Sure, this IS the time that belongs to the Goddess Kali.  

Consider it symbolically — identical to the jet streams that cool the earth when it will get too scorching, so to are forces that compel us to lift our consciousness once we grow to be too low, debase, and evil. The Goddess Kali is an emblem for such a power in nature. She is purifying as many as potential. Something within the exterior world is a distraction. The salvation is focus ONLY on the Gentle. Nothing on this world is actual… all is a distraction retaining us from remembering our humanness … our love and connection to one another and to nature.

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Mockingly on this darkest time on earth, we will progress a lot faster than on the different time by holding the Christ or Buddha in your coronary heart all day and chanting the identify of God all day. The Identify of God is, “I AM” (… I and my Father are One.)  I’m that I’m are One.  

She is depicted as such a horrible, scary power as a result of She is Mom Nature. We’re in such a darkish time inside a darkish age that Kali is purifying every little thing as She strikes to the next stage of sunshine. Purifying thoughts, consciousness, and rising our total ranges of success.

So Kali and Mara are the LEADING Time Spirits of this Darkish Age. 

We live in a time the place Ignorance, corruption, blind narcissism, immaturity, grandiosity, bullying, narrow-mindedness, and evil are the Zeitgeists of the period. Evil begets extra evil. So… the one manner out– is UP.

“The secrete to limiting the quantity of struggling we expertise every day is to increase our skill to transcend the struggling. Every day we transcend every day, by means of meditating, yoga, prayer or another apply. Via this, they start to develop no matter quantity of consciousness they needed to start with. This growth of consciousness interprets into intelligence, creativity, happiness, love, power, energy, and peace… all positives. If an individual grows every day in these qualities and the unwanted effects is that negativity recedes from their life… and in the midst of a Darkish Age, they grow to be a brighter gentle. (They need to all the time remember that darkness ALWAYS assaults the Gentle.) The top outcome is Enlightenment.” ~David Lynch

Beneath is textual content from the interview with David Lynch posted above:

  1. Sat (Satya) Yuga is the primary and greatest age, and known as, “the age of reality or sincerity.” It’s 100% bliss—a Golden Age. People lived to both 1,728 or 100,000 years throughout this era.   

“The Satya Yuga, in Hinduism, is the primary and better of the 4 Yugas in a Yuga Cycle, preceded by Kali Yuga of the earlier cycle and adopted by Treta Yuga. Satya Yuga is named the age of reality, when humanity is ruled by gods, and each manifestation or work is near the purest very best and humanity will enable intrinsic goodness to rule supreme. It’s typically known as the “Golden Age”. The Satya Yuga lasts 1,728,000 years or 4800 divine years. The god Dharma, which symbolizes morality, stood on all 4 legs throughout this era. Later on within the Treta Yuga, it could grow to be three, adopted by two within the Dvapara Yuga. At the moment, within the immoral age of Kali, it stands on one leg.” 

2. Subsequent age is Treta Yuga and it’s 75% so long as Satya Yuga and it’s 75% bliss and 25% non-bliss. (75% constructive and 25% damaging.) Folks lived to be 10,000 years outdated.  

3. Then it’s the Dvapara Yuga and it’s 50% bliss/ 50% non-bliss. This age is half the size of Sata Yuga. 

4. And final is Kali Yuga, the shortest of the 4 Yugas and other people dwell to be 1 / 4 of Satya Yuga. Folks dwell to be about 100 years outdated and it’s 75% non-bliss, and solely 25% bliss (and it may well dwindle all the way down to 0% bliss) and the interval final 432,000 years. (We’re within the Kali Yuga Cycle and we’re solely 5,000 years into it proper now.) It’s a tricky time of struggling… however all of us should be right here proper now. We presumably do have a recess interval. 

We’re leaving the Piscean Age and going into the Age of Aquarius … which MIGHT sign 2,000 years of peace.”



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