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6 Harmful & Venomous Bali Snakes

There are six totally different species of harmful / venomous snakes in Bali, and lots of extra non-venomous species residing on this well-liked vacationer island of Indonesia.

Nonetheless, snake worries don’t must break your Bali vacation. Snakes are not often an issue within the touristy areas of Bali, they usually’re often very reluctant to chew except they’re grabbed or stepped on. In reality, they typically attempt to keep away from people to start with.

My spouse and I’ve lived in Bali for years and traveled everywhere in the island (together with many non-touristy areas), and we’ve solely encountered one or two snakes in that point. The images on this information had been taken with the assistance of knowledgeable snake catcher in Bali.

Despite the fact that most vacationers and quick time period guests to Bali aren’t more likely to ever see a snake, it’s nonetheless a good suggestion to make your self conscious of the venomous snakes of Bali and what to do should you ever encounter one among them.

This snake information will clarify establish the damaging Bali snakes, what to do should you discover a snake in your resort (or within the rice fields), who to contact for snake elimination, and what to do should you’re bitten by a snake in Bali.

How To Keep away from Bali Snakes

These are just some ideas that will help you keep away from and keep secure from snakes in Bali:

  • Respect all snakes in Bali and deal with them as venomous. Depart them alone and don’t contact them.
  • Don’t attempt to catch or kill snakes. Ask knowledgeable for assist. I’ve included some contacts for snake catchers later on this article.
  • Carry a shiny mild so you’ll be able to see the place you’re strolling at evening. You don’t wish to step on a snake at midnight.
  • When mountaineering or strolling by way of foliage, go slowly and make your self heard. Most snakes will run away after they hear an individual coming.
  • Ideally, put on lengthy pants and closed toe footwear should you’ll be mountaineering within the jungle. Most bites are on extremities.
  • For identification, take images of the snake from a distance of at the very least 2 meters (7 ft).
  • Closed bogs are safer than open type bogs should you actually wish to keep away from snakes and different intruders.


6 Harmful / Venomous Snakes Of Bali


• Island Pit Viper (Trimeresurus Insularis)

The Island Pit Viper is likely one of the mostly seen venomous snakes in Bali, and it’s induced a justifiable share of bites and deaths in each Bali and Java. It may be present in all rural areas of Bali.

This snake has a triangular head and a shiny inexperienced physique, with a reddish brown tail. The simplest strategy to establish it’s the tail colour and the pinnacle form, which units it aside from comparable trying non-venomous inexperienced snakes.

It’s fairly an exquisite snake species, and different good colours corresponding to shiny turquoise or banana yellow will be seen in locations just like the Komodo islands in Indonesia.

The inexperienced colour of this snake in Bali makes it exhausting to see in jungle foliage and timber, which is the place it often likes to cover throughout the daytime earlier than coming all the way down to the bottom at nightfall to hunt.

Island Pit Viper in Bali. VENOMOUS!

One time I virtually stepped on an Island Pit Viper whereas mountaineering in Nusa Penida island, in a much less traveled a part of the island with plenty of foliage (this wasn’t in a preferred vacationer space).

My foot landed inside inches of the snake, which was coiled up within the middle of the trail, however fortunately its head was turned away from me and it didn’t see how shut my foot landed.

Bites from the Island Pit Viper could cause tissue swelling and necrosis, inner bleeding, and loss of life. There’s no anti-venom for this snake in Bali, and individuals who survive bites could must have limbs amputated.

This snake prefers to reside within the timber in a tropical rainforest, however it may be present in different habitats as effectively. It feeds primarily on rodents, lizards, birds, and frogs, and adults often develop to about 1/2 meter lengthy (1.5 ft).

The native names for this snake are ‘Ular Hijau’ (Indonesian) or ‘Lipi Gadang’ (Balinese). The latter means ‘inexperienced snake.’ Deal with this one with excessive warning!

Island Pit Viper (entrance)


• King Cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah)

The King Cobra is the largest venomous snake on the planet, rising as much as 4 meters (13 ft) or longer. It’s primarily present in rural west Bali, within the provinces of Jembrana, Buleleng, and Tabanan.

When threatened, the King Cobra spreads its hood and may carry a 3rd of its physique off the bottom, standing virtually as tall as an individual.

This snake has an olive/brown coloured physique with mild pale diagonal stripes, and the hood is slim, with yellow or vanilla colours on the within.

The King Cobra is clever and reluctant to chew except it’s threatened or injured. It’s a fearless snake, however nonetheless prefers to go away the scene moderately than battle.

Bites from the King Cobra can shortly trigger muscle paralysis, respiratory failure, and loss of life. A King Cobra can ship sufficient venom in a single chew to kill 20 folks, and there’s no anti-venom accessible for it in Bali.

This snake is generally lively throughout the day. It feeds virtually totally on different snakes, and will be cannibalistic as effectively.

The native names for this snake are ‘Ular King Kobra’ (Indonesian) or ‘Lipi Selem Bebek’ (Balinese). Deal with it with excessive warning!

King Cobra in Bali. VENOMOUS!


• Javan Spitting Cobra (Naja Sputatrix)

The Javan spitting cobra is far smaller and shorter than the King Cobra, rising to about 1.3 meters (4 ft) or much less. The spitting cobra will be present in all rural areas of Bali.

Just like the King Cobra, this snake additionally spreads its hood when it feels threatened. Nonetheless, when the hood is closed, it could actually simply be blended up with non-venomous snakes in Bali due to its plain brown and vanilla colours.

These Bali snakes have a really venomous chew, they usually also can spit venom a distance of as much as 2 meters (7 ft). If venom reaches the eyes, it’ll trigger ache, irritation, and probably blindness. Should you or your pet’s eyes are spit in by a cobra, the eyes must be rinsed out with working water for half-hour. Don’t rub the eyes, as this may make it worse!

Bites from the Javan spitting cobra could cause tissue swelling and necrosis, muscle paralysis, respiratory failure, and loss of life. Nonetheless, anti-venom is offered at some hospitals in Bali.

The Javan spitting cobra will be lively within the daytime or at evening, and it primarily likes to feed on rodents, frogs, lizards, and different snakes.

The native names for this snake are ‘Ular Sendok’ (Indonesian) or ‘Lipi Sendok’ (Balinese). The Balinese title means ‘spoon snake’ and comes from the form of the cobra’s hood, which appears form of like a spoon.

Deal with this snake with excessive warning!

Javan Spitting Cobra in Bali. VENOMOUS!


• Malayan Krait (Bungarus Candidus)

The Malayan Krait is likely one of the most venomous snakes in Bali, however it could actually typically be blended up with non-venomous Bali snakes when it has plain darkish colours. It’s discovered in lots of rural areas of Bali.

This snake will be all black with no stripes, however in Bali it extra usually tends to have black and white stripes, rising to a size of about 1 meter (3 ft) or much less. It likes to return out at evening to hunt, and may typically be discovered wandering into homes.

Bites from the Malayan Krait could cause muscle paralysis, respiratory failure, and loss of life. Untreated bites are principally deadly. There’s no anti-venom accessible for this snake in Bali, however a chew could also be survivable with assisted respiratory from a ventilator.

The Malayan Krait has a peaceable disposition and it’s reluctant to chew except provoked. It primarily likes to feed on different snakes, however it could actually additionally eat small mammals, lizards, and frogs.

The native names for this snake are ‘Ular Weling’ (Indonesian) or ‘Lipi Poleng’ (Balinese). The latter means ‘black and white snake.’ Deal with it with excessive warning!

Malayan Krait in Bali. VENOMOUS!


• Banded Sea Krait (Laticauda Colubrina)

Often known as the Yellow-Lipped Sea Krait, it is a venomous sea snake that may be seen within the waters and coastal areas round Bali.

This sea snake has a yellow snout, with black and bluish/gray stripes of equal width alongside its total physique, and a paddle-shaped tail that helps it swim. The females are larger than the males, and may develop as much as 2 meters lengthy (6 ft).

The Banded Sea Krait spends most of its time swimming round coral reefs in shallow waters whereas looking eels and fish, however it additionally comes onto land to relaxation and lay its eggs, so chances are you’ll spot one on the seaside in Bali.

Should you see one among these sea snakes whereas snorkeling or diving, give it loads of area. They’re non-aggressive and reluctant to chew, however their neurotoxic venom could be very harmful and probably deadly.

The native title for this snake is ‘Ular Laut’ (Indonesian). Deal with it with excessive warning!

Banded Sea Krait. VENOMOUS! (© Wikimedia)


• Reticulated Python (Malayopython Reticulatus)

The Reticulated Python just isn’t venomous, however it could actually nonetheless be nasty. Pythons are present in all rural areas of Bali, and infrequently they flip up on the town as effectively, often as a result of they’re washed into city by flooding throughout Indonesia’s wet season.

Small pythons are usually not a risk to people, however they’ll grow to be harmful in the event that they get sufficiently big for constriction (asphyxiation by squeezing). Grownup pythons will be anyplace from 3 to 9 meters lengthy (10 to 30 ft), and pythons have been caught in Bali with lengths of as much as 5 meters.

If an individual is being constricted and asphyxiated by a giant python, the precedence is getting the snake indifferent, ideally with help from a number of folks to regulate the snake. Begin by unwrapping the snake from the tail finish first, with one individual holding the snake’s head to stop bites.

The Reticulated Python primarily comes out at evening, and it’s superb at swimming and climbing timber. It feeds on mammals, lizards, and birds. The native title for this snake is ‘Ular Piton’ (Indonesian).

Bites from the Reticulated Python are non-venomous, however could trigger an infection, so a tetanus replace and antibiotic remedy is a good suggestion. Massive pythons (over 2.5 meters) must be handled with excessive warning!

Reticulated Python in Bali

Python face


Are There Snakes In Bali Rice Fields?

Sure, it’s definitely potential to see snakes in Bali rice fields. Nonetheless, it principally relies upon which a part of the island we’re speaking about.

You would possibly see a snake on the well-liked Jatiluwih Rice Fields or Tegalalang Rice Terrace, however it’s unlikely, and it could most likely be hiding within the rice paddies and avoiding people in that case. I’ve by no means seen a snake in both of those locations after many visits through the years.

I as soon as noticed a inexperienced snake in a rice discipline close to Sanur, however it moved too shortly for me to establish it. So sure, there are snakes in Bali rice fields, however they often aren’t more likely to hassle you so long as you don’t hassle them.

Simply regulate the place you’re strolling, and also you shouldn’t have any points.

Are There Snakes In Bali Resorts?

Sure, it’s potential to come across snakes in Bali resorts or motels, though the general threat of that’s fairly low for many vacationers.

I’ve heard of individuals within the Ubud space discovering snakes (together with kraits and cobras) of their gardens, bogs, or residing rooms, and pet canine have had their eyes spit in by spitting cobras.

Once more, these conditions are pretty uncommon, however they do occur. It’s simply a part of residing in Bali. That’s why it’s essential to have the ability to establish the venomous snakes of Bali, simply in case.

Fortunately, should you’re afraid of snakes and may’t deal with the considered residing close to them, you at all times have the choice of staying in south Bali — locations like Kuta, Seminyak, and Sanur — the place most vacationers are nearly assured to by no means see a snake.

Javan Spitting Cobra


Who Can Assist With Bali Snakes?

The next are some useful native contacts for coping with snakes in Bali:

  • Ron Lilley. ☎ +62 813-3849-6700. Ron is a British snake professional residing in Bali. He can assist with snake identification, snake removals, snakeproofing your property, and snake chew data.
  • Bali Reptile Rescue. ☎ +62 821-4638-0270 or +62 856-3933-154. Native Balinese family-owned firm that may assist with snake removals. Additionally they do snake training and herping excursions the place you’ll be able to see wild snakes in Bali (extra on that later).
  • Dr. Tri Maharani. ☎ +62 853-3403-0409. Certainly one of Indonesia’s main specialists on snake chew remedy. Should you’re bitten by a venomous snake in Bali, you may give Tri’s quantity to the treating physician and she is going to assist.
  • BIMC Hospital. ☎ +62 361-761-263 or +62 811-3960-8500 (Kuta). Certainly one of Bali’s highest rated hospitals. They’ve places in Kuta, Ubud, and Nusa Dua.
  • Sanglah Hospital. ☎ +62 361-227-911 (15). One other hospital in Denpasar with expertise treating snake bites.


Bali Snake Bites: What To Do If You’re Bit

The next are some first support ideas for snake bites. It’s also possible to discover extra data on the CDC and WHO web sites.

Should you or your good friend has been bitten by a snake suspected of being venomous, comply with these steps:

  • Instantly transfer away from the realm the place the chew occurred.
  • Take a photograph of the snake from a secure distance if potential. Figuring out the snake can assist with remedy of the chew.
  • The sufferer ought to keep calm and as nonetheless as potential.
  • Make a remark of the time when the chew occurred, for future reference.
  • Take away something tight from across the bitten a part of the physique (corresponding to rings or bracelets) to keep away from hurt if swelling happens.
  • Immobilize the individual utterly and transport the individual to a well being facility as quickly as potential.
  • Vomiting could happen, so place the individual on their left facet within the restoration place.
  • Intently monitor airway and respiratory and be able to resuscitate if essential.

Do NOT do any of the next for snake bites:

  • Don’t choose up the snake or attempt to entice it. NEVER deal with a venomous snake, not even a useless one or its decapitated head.
  • Don’t await signs to look if bitten, get medical assist immediately.
  • Don’t drive your self to the hospital (except you don’t have any different selection), as a result of folks with snake bites can grow to be dizzy or cross out.
  • Don’t apply a tourniquet.
  • Don’t slash the wound with a knife or reduce it in any method.
  • Don’t attempt to suck out the venom.
  • Don’t apply chilly or sizzling packs, ice, or immerse the wound in water.
  • Don’t give any meals or water, as it’d trigger vomiting.
  • Don’t drink alcohol as a painkiller.
  • Don’t apply electrical shock, natural medicines, or conventional first support strategies.

Island Pit Viper


Snake Bites & Deaths In Bali

For informational functions, listed below are some confirmed circumstances of snake bites and deaths in Bali through the years:

  • In 1999, Australian surfer Peter Crawford died from a snake chew in Bali. I’ve heard this was an island pit viper, however to this point I can’t affirm which sort of snake it was. (Supply: Surfer’s Journal)
  • In 2013, an Indonesian safety guard on the Hyatt resort in Sanur was killed by a 5 meter (15 foot) python. He was making an attempt to assist transfer the snake out of the street at evening when it wrapped round his neck and strangled him. (Supply: Jakarta Submit)
  • In 2016, a member of the Bali Reptile Rescue firm was bitten by a king cobra and died at Jembrana hospital in West Bali. I Putu Agus Edi Darmawan was relocating a mom cobra and eggs for his or her safety when he was bitten on the finger. He was a valued member of the Bali snake neighborhood and had been doing snake rescues for 15 years on the time of his loss of life. (Supply: Tribun Information)
  • In 2017, an Australian girl was bitten after she stepped on a brown snake. In accordance with the account, she grew to become violently ailing inside minutes after being bitten, and began vomiting and dropping consciousness, however she was given anti-venom at an Ubud hospital and survived. (Supply: Perth Now)
  • In 2019, a 12 yr outdated Balinese lady in Gianyar died after being bitten on the hand by a small black snake whereas sleeping (Supply: Nusa Bali). In accordance with one other information article, there have been 126 snake bites handled by Buleleng hospital on this yr alone, which is a surprising quantity if true. (Supply: Nusa Bali)
  • In 2022, two Balinese folks had been bitten by snakes throughout Nyepi Day and handled on the hospital in Jembrana. (Supply: Radar Bali)

Once more, these are just some confirmed circumstances of snake bites and deaths in Bali. That is removed from a whole record. Most snake bites involving Balinese locals are by no means lined within the information, a lot much less translated into English.

I share this data to not scare you, however to maintain you secure. Once more, although my spouse and I’ve lived in Bali for years, we not often fear about snakes. Nevertheless it’s essential to know the hazard they’ll pose should you’re not cautious.

Island Pit Viper


The place To See Stay Snakes In Bali

For a really genuine snake expertise that immediately advantages conservation, you’ll be able to be part of a snake herping tour with Bali Reptile Rescue in West Bali.

Bali Reptile Rescue has evening herping excursions the place you’ll be able to spot every kind of snakes, in addition to a 2-day king cobra tour. Clearly this isn’t for the faint of coronary heart, because you’ll be trekking within the jungle and probably interacting with harmful snakes.

We spent a while with BRR seeing the king cobra, and it was an incredible expertise being so near the king of the jungle in its pure habitat.

Better of all, the cash goes in direction of conservation and training about snakes in Bali. BRR catches snakes in properties virtually day-after-day in Bali and releases them again into the wild, and lots of of those would most likely be killed with out their assist.

It was superb to see this King Cobra in Bali

Should you’d moderately see captive snakes in Bali, top-of-the-line locations to go is the Bali Reptile Park in Gianyar (close to Ubud), which has many sorts of vipers, boas, cobras, and pythons in glass aquariums.

You may see all the harmful Bali snake species on the reptile park, together with another species from Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and the remainder of the world.

It’s additionally potential to see a number of varieties of reside pythons on the Bali Zoo or Bali Safari Marine Park, however there’s not as a lot selection because the reptile park.

Is There A Bali Snake Temple?

The various Hindu temples in Bali embrace a bat temple, a hearth temple, a automotive temple, a number of monkey forests, and an ‘elephant cave,’ however there’s probably not a Bali snake temple, per se.

Nonetheless, there are a few locations that just about match the invoice for a Bali snake temple. The Tanah Lot temple on the coast of southwest Bali, for instance, is believed to be guarded from evil spirits and intruders by venomous sea snakes lurking within the ocean waters across the temple.

On the shore close to Tanah Lot, there’s a cave with a ‘holy snake’ you can pay a small charge to see. It’s a black and white ringed sea snake (apparently a extremely venomous Banded Sea Krait).

There’s additionally a palace close to Ubud referred to as Puri Langon, which has two large stone cobra statues with their hoods unfold. You received’t see any reside snakes there, however the carvings and particulars within the palace are good. It’s a preferred spot for Balinese conventional prewedding images.

And naturally, the Balinese picket carved cobras have lengthy been a preferred and enjoyable memento for vacationers in Bali, which you’ll find on the market in avenue retailers everywhere in the island.

A stone cobra statue in Ubud, Bali


Bali Snakes & Reptiles FAQ

  • Are there toxic snakes in Bali?
    Technically talking, snakes in Bali are venomous, not toxic. If one thing is toxic, meaning it’s poisonous if eaten or touched (corresponding to poison frogs). If one thing is venomous, meaning it could actually inject venom with its fangs by biting. There are at the very least 5 widespread species of venomous snakes in Bali, in addition to probably different uncommon venomous species such because the Asian Coral Snake (Calliophis Intestinalis).
  • What about non-venomous snakes in Bali?
    There are dozens of non-venomous snakes in Bali, so it could be not possible to record all the species right here. The nation of Indonesia has a whole bunch of snake species (as many as 360), and there are virtually 50 species residing on the island of Bali. The non-venomous snakes in Bali are usually not harmful to people.
  • What are the most typical varieties of snakes in Bali?
    There’s loads of selection, however among the mostly encountered varieties of snakes in Bali appear to be the Oriental Rat Snake, Reticulated Python, Black Copper Rat Snake, Painted Bronzeback, Javan Spitting Cobra, and Island Pit Viper. The Water Monitor Lizard (Varanus Salvator) is one other widespread reptile in Bali.
  • Are there Komodo dragons in Bali?
    No, there aren’t any wild Komodo dragons in Bali, though you’ll be able to see captive Komodo dragons on the Bali Fowl Park or Bali Safari Marine Park. Bali does have the Water Monitor Lizard (Varanus Salvator), which is smaller than a dragon and usually not a risk to people. If you wish to see Komodo dragons, it’s greatest to journey to the fantastic Komodo Nationwide Park, which has direct each day flights from Bali.
  • Are there spiders in Bali?
    Sure, there are various sorts of spiders in Bali, however fortunately none of them are recognized to be harmful to people.


Extra Bali Journey Suggestions

Thanks for trying! I hope you had been helped by this information for figuring out Bali snakes.

Don’t neglect to take a look at my Bali Journey Information for extra ideas, images, and weblog posts.

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